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89030 Bail Bonds, led by Office Manager Nakia Woodson, is capable of ensuring the quick release of your friend or family on bail from jails in and around Clark County, Nevada.  The 89030 Bail Bonds team, led by Nakia Woodson, has the experience to navigate the complex system of jails, locate your friend or loved one, and post the necessary bond to facilitate their release.  


In Clark County, Nevada alone there are four major metropolitan detention facilities (aka ‘jails’).  The City of Las Vegas Detention Center, the Clark County Detention Center, the City of Henderson Detention Center, and the City of North Las Vegas Detention Services.  Please be advised, currently all City of North Las Vegas Detention inmates are being housed at the City of Las Vegas Detention Center.


Licensed throughout Southern Nevada, 89030 Bail Bonds, has the ability to “post” a bail bond in many neighboring counties and municipalities.  We also have payment plans and other financing options to facilitate the immediate release of you friend or family on bond. 


What do you do now?  Simple.  Just pick up the phone and call Nakia Woodson of 89030 Bail Bonds at  (702) 648-2663

jails in southern nevada
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