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If your friend or loved one is arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada (or anywhere in Southern Nevada)…Do you know what to do?  Do you know who you should call?  Your first and only call should be to Office Manager Nakia Woodson of 89030 Bail Bonds at (702) 648-2663.  Her team is standing by 24/7/365 to secure the release of your friend or loved one.


How does ‘bail’ work?


Having a bail bond posted by a licensed bail agent is a way of promising the payment of an exorbitant sum of money to the court if a person fails to appear for a scheduled court date.  In this instance, a ‘bail bond’ is a written promise to appear before the court guaranteed by the bail agent.  


As such, if a defendant fails to appear for his/her court date, the bail agent is responsible for providing the sum total of the ‘bond’ to the court within a very limited time period.  For this service, the bail agent is paid a State mandated 15% of the bond amount, plus fees, by the defendant.  In addition the person requesting that bail be posted (most often referred to as a co-signer) may be required to provide collateral for the total price of the bond, so that they interests of the bail agent are secured.


Another option of a criminal defendant is to post his/her own bail bond, in cash.  However, in order to do so the full amount of the bond must be surrendered to the court until the criminal case is resolved.  


As such, a bail bond agent (aka ‘company’) facilitates the immediate release of an individual for a sum far less than the actual bond amount required by the court.  This frees up the defendant to utilize his/her resources to mount a proper legal defense.


Do you have additional questions?  Nakia Woodson of 89030 Bail Bonds is standing by 24/7/365 to address any and all of your concerns.  Simply dial (702) 648-2663 to speak with her today!

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