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The easiest way to have your questions answered is by picking up the phone and calling
89030 Bail Bonds’ Office Manager Nakia Woodson at (702) 648-2663.
If you prefer, you may read the most frequently asked questions below. 

Do you need a bail bond agent? 


If you cannot afford the bail it costs to get your loved one out, then you need to hire a bail bond agent. You will pay a small fee (known as a ‘premium’) to the agent who will then take on the responsibility of the full bail amount with the specified court.  The fees paid to a bail bondsman are non-refundable. 


Where is your bail bonds office? 


We are at 5135 Camino Al Norte #250, North Las Vegas NV 89031. 


However, it is NOT NECESSARY to come to our office. We can take care of the bail arrangements over the phone or we can completely process all paperwork and financials electronically with no face to face meeting required.  


If needed, we are mobile and can come to you and handle everything in-person. 


Our Office Manager Nakia Woodson strives to make it easy to work with 89030 Bail Bonds.


How do we pay you for your bail services? 


There is never a good time to be arrested.  At 89030 Bail Bonds we make every effort to ensure a timely release with the least financial impact to those posting the bond(s).  Our Office Manager Nakia Woodson can facilitate your transaction, whether it is made in cash, debit, or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).  If necessary, we can even accept payment over the phone or structure a payment plan to meet your needs.  


What if the person who is “bailed out” does not
show up to court?


Our expectation is that the person on bond will appear at all of his/her court dates.  If he/she fails to appear for a court appearance 89030 Bail Bonds will file for an arrest warrant, retain a bounty hunter, and the collateral provided to cover the cost of the bond will be forfeited.  As such, it is absolutely critical that the defendant to appear for each and every court appearances.


What are the benefits of using a Bail Bond Agent in
Las Vegas, Nevada?


The most obvious benefit to utilizing 89030 Bail Bonds is the amount of money required to secure the release of your friend or loved one.  By only paying a percentage (15%) of the bail amount, their release can be facilitated much faster than if you were required to secure their release with 100% of the bond amount.

Nakia Woodson 89030 Bail Bonds
Bail Bonds in North Las Vegas
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